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The Grammar Nazi

Each of these hot dogs ____ tasty.
You _____ obey your elders.
_____ makes a man better.
Add ____ sugar to my tea.
Pollution negatively ____ the environment.
The dog is eating _____ food.
My friend and ____ will go for a meeting today.
I haven’t seen her since ____ year.
There are seven days in a ____.
She was knocked down ____ a car.
What is the antonym of the word, Ravenously?
He, along with his parents ____ there.
Aman is sitting _____ Neha and Ritika.
She has never been the same ____ he went away.
The man fell ____ the well.
Neha is the ____ girl in the class.
That is the teacher ____ notes I gave you.
Peter _____ English, Spanish and French.
The teacher said, "____ of you has done the homework."
Chinese is one of the languages, _____ is not easy to learn.
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The Grammar Nazi
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