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Homophones- Meaning and Examples

Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation, but different meanings and different spellings. The word, ‘Homo’ implies similarities.

Homophones- Meaning and Examples | English Medium

Types of Homophones

There can be various types of Homophones in the English language-

  • Homonyms

Ones that have the same spellings and pronunciation but different meanings. These types of homophones are also known as Homographs and/or Homonyms.

For example-

Rose (the flower) & Rose (past form of the verb, rise)

  • Heterographs

On the other hand, homophones that have different spellings and different meanings but similar pronunciations are called Heterographs.

For example-

Carat (the unit of gold purity) & Carrot (the vegetable)

  • Oronyms

Additionally, homophones of multiple phrases or words are known as Oronyms. These phrases are most commonly used in word games.

For example-

“I scream” & “Ice cream”


There can be a wide number of homophones of each type in the English language.
Let’s have a look at some of the most widely used homophones-

Word 1Word 2
Affect: Meaning- to make a difference on something
Example- Pollution affects the environment badly.
Effect: Meaning-  the result of something
Example- The teacher effected many changes in the time table.
Idle: Meaning- to be free; not being in motion
Example- He got used to sitting idle during the vacations.
Idol: Meaning- image or representation of God
Example- My mother is my idol.
Hole: Meaning- a hollow place in a solid body
Example- There was a hole in the wall.
Whole: Meaning- Complete
Example- She taught the whole class.
Knot: Meaning- to tie 0r fasten by looping a piece of string or rope
Example- She tied a knot at the end of the cord.
Not: Meaning- to forbid
Example-Do not go out during the afternoon.
In: Meaning- be enclosed or surrounded by something
Example- I kept the book in the drawer.
Inn: Meaning- a pub, generally in the country
Example- We stayed at the inn.
Him: Meaning- referring to a male person
Example- She was talking to him the other day.
Hymn: Meaning- a religious song or poem
Example- The mother was hymning to God.
Flour: Meaning- a powder obtained by grinding wheat or grains
Example- She bought the flour to make bread.
Flower: Meaning- the part of a plant that bears the seed
Example- I bought her a rose flower.
Fair: Meaning- human complexion, way of treating people equally
Example- The rules were not fair to the minor class.
Fare: Meaning- the money paid for for a journey on public transport
Example- The fare of a private cab is too high.
Coarse: Meaning- rough in texture
Example- Her woollen jacket was coarse.
Course: Meaning- route or direction
Example- The flights follow their own course.
Heel: Meaning- the back part of a human ankle
Example: She had pain in her heels.
Heal: Meaning- to become healthy again
Example- She healed very soon after being affected by the disease
Buy: Meaning- to purchase
Example- I will go to buy a dress tomorrow.
By: Meaning- identifying the agent of an action
Example- The food was prepared by my mother.
There: Meaning- referring to a place somewhere far away
Example- I will meet you there tomorrow.
Their: Meaning- referring to a group of people
Example- I did not like their way of talking to you.
Meet: Meaning- to be in the company of someone
Example- I will meet him after a month.
Meat: Meaning- the flesh of an animal
Example- She loves to eat meat.
Hear: Meaning- to listen to something
Example- I wanted to hear what she had to say.
Here: Meaning- to be at this place of position
Example- I called her here.
Won: Meaning- the past form of ‘win’
Example- She won the game last year.
One: Meaning- the lowest cardinal number
Example- There is room for only one person.
Know: Meaning- be aware of something
Example- I want to know about the course in english.
No: Meaning- to refuse to something
Example- I had no idea about where she was.
Hour: Meaning- a period of time
Example- I talked to her for an hour.
Our: Meaning- associated with the speaker and the second person
Example- This is all about our relation with them.
Sell: Meaning- give or hand over
Example- She will sell her house next year.
Cell: Meaning- a small room in which a prisoner is locked, the smallest unit of an organism
Example- The prisoners were given the food in their cells.
Wait: Meaning- stay where one is until a particular time or event
Example- She had to wait at the restaurant for a long time.
Weight: Meaning- a body’s relative mass
Example- She was at least 4kgs in weight when she was born.
Week: Meaning- a period of 7 days
Example- There are 4 weeks in a month.
Weak: Meaning- having little physical energy
Example- She had gone weak during her illness.
Wear: Meaning- have something to weak on body
Example- She will wear a blue dress tomorrow.
Where: Meaning- to what place or position
Example- Where were you yesterday?
Waist: Meaning- part of human body below the ribs and above the hips
Example- He put his arm around her waist.
Waste: Meaning- something which is not of use
Example- All the food that I made last night went to waste.
Stationary: Meaning- not moving
Example- The blood donation bus was stationary at the campus.
Stationery: Meaning- material used to write
Example- She bought a lot of stationery to practice calligraphy.
Sole: Meaning- the undersurface of a person’s foot
Example- The soles of their feet were dirty.
Soul: Meaning- the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal
Example- Their songs lacked soul.
Write: Meaning- mark letters, words or symbols on a surface
Example- She had a habit of writing
Right: Meaning- morally good or justifiable
Example- She believed herself to be right in the debate.
Some: Meaning- an unspecified amount
Example- There was some sugar in the tea.
Sum: Meaning- a particular amount of money
Example- I gave her a sum equal to her tuition fee.
Tail: Meaning- The hindmost part of an animal
Example- The dog was wagging its tail.
Tale: Meaning-the narrative of a story
Example- She narrated a delightful children’s tale.
Son: Meaning- A boy or man in relation to parents
Example- Their son was 21 years old.
Sun: Meaning- The star around which the earth rotates
Example- The sun sets in the east.
Sight: Meaning- vision
Example- The bird was out of her sight.
Site: Meaning- an area of ground on which a building is constructed
Example- The site was proposed for a shopping mall.
Seam: Meaning- a line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together
Example- This thread can be used to seam a garment.
Seem: Meaning- impression of something having a good quality
Example- She seemed annoyed with them.
Prey: Meaning- the animal that is hunted by another one for food
Example- The lion was looking for its prey.
Pray: Meaning- address a prayer to God
Example- She used to pray to God before becoming an atheist.
Plain: Meaning- simple or basic in character
Example- She wears plain clothes
Plane: Meaning- a plat surface
Example- She was sitting on a plane surface
Sail: Meaning- a wind catching apparatus
Example- We went out to sail on the lake.
Sale: Meaning- exchange of something for money
Example- She bought the dress on sale
Dear: Meaning- regarded with deep affection
Example- She was very dear to her parents.
Deer: Meaning- a wild animal
Example- She saw a deer in the zoo.
Eye: Meaning- a pair of organs in human body used for sight
Example- She could not see through her eyes.
I: Meaning- a letter in the English alphabets, referring to oneself
Example- I did not like to talk to her.
Complement: Meaning- contributing extra features to something
Example- Her dress complemented her beauty.
Compliment: Meaning- to praise somebody or something
Example- She was used to receiving compliments from him.
Cereal: Meaning- a grain used for food
Example- She ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
Serial: Meaning- a story or play appearing in regular installments
Example- She is watching a new three-part drama serial.
Brake: Meaning- device used to stop a moving vehicle
Example- She used the brakes as a dog came in front of her car.
Break: Meaning- separate into pieces, interrupt
Example- She took a break from studying.
Aisle: Meaning- passage between rows of seats
Example- She was walking down the aisle.
Isle: Meaning- a small island
Example- She went to an isle for her honeymoon.
Mail: Meaning- letters and parcels sent by post
Example- I received a mail yesterday.
Male: Meaning- masculine
Example- The audience had more males than females.
None: Meaning- not any
Example- None of us wanted to go to the class.
Nun: Meaning- a member of religious community of women
Example- The Church had a lot of nuns.
Root: Meaning- origin of something, generally, part of a plant attached to the ground
Example- The cactus has deep roots.
Route: Meaning- a way or course taken to get from starting to an ending point
Example- The route between Mumbai and Goa is scenic.
Sea: Meaning- expanse of salt water covering most of the part of the earth
Example- There is a ban of dumping the waste into the sea.
See: Meaning- vision
Example- She could finally see through her eyes after the surgery.
Meaning- important, main
Example- Delhi is India’s principal city.
Principle: Meaning- a fundamental truth or proposition
Example- The judge followed the basic principles of justice.
Suite: Meaning- a set of room designated for a person’s or family’s use
Example- They booked a suite for the new couple.
Sweet: Meaning- the taste of sugar or honey
Example- The tea was very hot and sweet
Tow: Meaning- to pull a vehicle with a chain or rope
Example- The police had to tow the car standing in the middle of the road.
Toe: Meaning- the finger at the end of the foot
Example- She cut her toe with a big stone.
Way: Meaning- method or style of doing something
Example- I did not like their way of cooking.
Weigh: Meaning- find out how heavy someone or something is
Example- The suitcase weighed beyond 15kg.
Poor: Meaning- lacking sufficient money 
Example- The maid was too poor to buy a TV.
Pour: Meaning- flow rapidly in a steady stream
Example- She poured some water to the glass.

The above list consists of almost all the common homophones that we use daily, along with their meanings.

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