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Speaking in English

Speaking is as important a part of learning the language as understanding it is. It is only when you speak what you think, that you gain confidence and complete understanding of your command over a language. Therefore, it is highly suggested that as you move ahead in the process of learning the language, you continue to speak whatever you learn.

One of the clear signs of being an expert in a language is that you begin to think in it, while you are already in the process of learning it. To ensure this, we advise you to instil certain practices such as talking to yourself, your friends and family in English, listening to audios and videos in English, reading out loud whatever you write, etc. This will not only make you a better speaker, but also a better listener and a better writer.

Speak English Online

Here are a few practices that you should do in order to have strong English speaking skills.

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Don’t forget- “To speak is to conquer”.

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