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The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe. Each passing day highlights the need of perfection in the language and its wide usage.

Whether you plan to travel the world, or talk to your colleagues in your daily life, fluency in reading, writing and speaking in english is of utmost importance.

We, at English Medium are here to help you through all this and much more. We focus on working on the basics of english grammar while enhancing your reading, writing and speaking skills.

The professionals at English Medium provide detailed knowledge about the rules of grammar and personalized assistance to the ones looking for it. We take regular sessions for English speaking, the basics of English grammar.

Given the importance and demand for English Content Writing, we are also going to introduce specialized courses for professional writing in English.

Stay in touch with English Medium regularly and never miss a thing!

Remember, the English language is a work in progress. Make sure you keep going with it a long way, and while you do so might as well have fun with it!


The English Medium Team

Mehak Bagla | Founder, English Medium

Mehak Bagla, Founder

Being a woman of thoughts and words, my affection towards content writing and love for the English language made me pursue my higher studies in English literature. Having worked as a professional Content Writer for over 4 years now, I am set to train individuals in attaining perfection in the English language through English Medium.

Vaishali Gut, Teacher, English Medium

Vaishali Gut, Teacher

With over six years of professional experience in English teaching, I am currently working as an English teacher in General Raj school, New Delhi. I have my majors in English from Delhi University and a professional degree Bachelors in Education from IP University. Alongside, I am trained in offering classes in Spoken English and personality development.

Stuti Mehrotra, Content Writer, English Medium

Stuti Mehrotra, Content Writer

My inclination towards writing has been since class 8th and since then I am into writing, both creative and formal. I have been fortunate enough to associate with English Medium, generating the content, and social media marketing. It has made me understand that working and learning from scratch opens up a lot many avenues, adding on to the growth pyramid.

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