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What we do?

At English Medium, we intend to assist the beginners, intermediates and advanced admirers of the english language.
We provide the wisdom to Read, Write and Speak in English along with a strong command over Grammar.


Work on your roots of the english language! Don't just speak because you heard something. Strengthen your basics and be sure of what you know and how you know it.‚Äč


Master your reading skills with us! Know about how you can improve your reading ability and gain access to comprehension passages.


Hone your writing skills with us! Learn about which type of content attracts the most readers and how you can express your thoughts in a better way.


Enhance your speaking skills with us each day! Be more confident and clear of what you speak and how you speak.

How we do it?

  • Working on the roots

English Medium focuses on learning from the basics of the language. So, we begin by working on the basics of grammar including such as Nouns, Tenses, Verbs, etc.

  • Everything for everyone

Whether you are at a beginner, an intermediate or at an advanced level in communicating in the English language- we have everything for you to lead your way to perfection.

  • Personalized training

We walk with you, step by step, at each phase of your learning process. We offer you personalized assistance in terms of counseling, reviewing your assignments and training you on your areas of weakness.

  • Hands on practice

We offer detailed notes, workbooks and answer sheets on various topics that help you test your skills and practice your learnings as and when you need to.

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